Who we are?

In 2006, our company, founded by Musa Çelik in Izmir, took its first steps into the cleaning industry. We are a completely locally-owned firm. Today, we continue our journey in the İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (Çiğli), which is one of Izmir’s leading industrial zones, known for its qualified workforce and numerous production facilities. As Taha Teknik, we have achieved international acclaim with our industrial cleaning machines under the TAHAWASH brand and the spare parts we produce in-house.

At TAHA TEKNİK, we have committed ourselves to go beyond expectations and become a pioneering organization that creates both distinction and value. Our goals include ensuring customer satisfaction, providing reliable services, and offering all the solutions needed in the industry. We are dedicated to delivering the best service globally.

As avid followers of innovation at all times, we consistently meet our customers demands in the desired direction and timeframe. We ensure satisfaction through customer-centric solutions we provide. Growing steadily, we offer a global service.

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Taha Teknik

From the very first day, we aimed to provide a wide range of products that cater to all the needs of our customers, coupled with our continuously updated industry knowledge. Our company, certified in 2008 in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, continues to work with enthusiasm to meet the needs of the global market, design innovative products, and develop them.

In addition to our production mission, Taha Teknik has embraced being alongside solution partners 24/7 with technical support and spare parts services. We take pride in being a pioneer in all areas where we operate with our service quality. Our goal is to introduce the highest quality and most efficient products in our country.

Our TAHAWASH brand products offer endless possibilities in a wide range of applications; they can be easily used in cleaning vehicles, agricultural machinery, excavation equipment, industrial machinery, boats, and aircraft, as well as in industrial cleaning, community services such as schools and hospitals, and on farms.

At the core of the global success we have today as Taha Teknik lies our commitment to conducting our services within the framework of trust, loyalty, and transparency. As we progress on the path to becoming a world leader, we ensure the fastest and most effective delivery of our services to our customers.